The great thing about marketing is that it’s not really one thing at all. It’s everything.

It affects so many aspects of a company and as a consequence there are SO MANY things to learn.

I’ve just moved from ‘General’ Marketing (mostly panicking in a general way followed by constant cat-herding situations) - to Media daaahhhling! But not the sort of media you are probably thinking of.

In today’s marketing world the unruly teenager is Digital Marketing. It changes all the time, it can be incredibly difficult, and just when you think you’ve got a handle on it something new is invented to make your life miserable.

I love it.

I’ll never get bored (my worst fear) and it involves technology (satisfying my overwhelming nerd side).

So what is (Digital) Media Planning & Buying or rather, what have I learned so far?

There are 3 sections as I understand currently, Search, Affiliates and Display.

Search is your usual keywords optimization situation - encompassing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. All the regular Google Adwords stuff really. Oh and of course those other ones - Bing, Yahoo, AOL (maybe? Do they still exist?) etc. 

Display is referring to the banner ads you’ll see popping up everywhere on most websites. They are also run on a biddable platform and so they need to be optimized and tracked to insure maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Like a regular Adword Ad the bidding algorithms focus on maximizing relevancy. However, you can do all sorts of nifty extra re-targeting/re-marketing stuff with them. This is what happens when you’re shoe-shopping on ASOS and then you see the same shoes when you’re trawling through your favorite blog. Creepy or extra-relevant? There are also multiple platforms you can run them through. Don’t ask me what they’re called please, right now my brain is a little on the full side.

Affiliates are price-comparison or voucher websites. You run a program of promotions through them and they make a % off of every sale made through their website. This seems like the one that is the most relationship-based. You need to keep your affiliates happy and make sure they get good promotions - but also ensure the client is happy and getting enough sales from the affiliates.

Greek to you? Greek to me kittens! But never fear…I’ve got time and a fantastic team stuffing as much information as quickly as possible into my wee brain.

So I’ll break it down and bust it out. On a channel by channel basis. And post what I learn here of course!

Couple of notes:

1. My Excel skills are definitely not as shit-hot as they need to be. Not saying I’m horrible but I’m going to need to sort out Macros like nobody’s business for the next few weeks. Excel training programs are my new television. 

2. Mental maths are important - mine have been degraded by a reliance on algorithms and calculators. Suggestions on good iPhone mental maths trainer apps are much appreciated.

Bank Now: Write down everything. Process it when you have a chance to breathe later. If it seems impossible - break it down into small chunks. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, now when you’ve just started is the time when it’s excusable not to know. Try to remember to eat lunch…

That last one is probably the most important ;)

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